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Kickstart your
US growth engine

We find, contact, and close

your ideal US buyers within 3 months

Three months, three steps, tangible results

The US market is a vast playground of opportunities across different sectors. Skip the visa hurdle and long-term commitments for now. Test the waters with paying customers first, and then make a strategic splash.


We trim down the typical 18-24 month learning curve to a few short months. Our mission? To fine-tune your US market entry strategy, steer clear of costly pitfalls, and prep your business for take-off.

Kick off our partnership with a workshop crafting your Market Entry Canvas™️. This powerful tool evaluates US market potential and shapes our collaborative targets across three pivotal sales stages.




Based on your Market Entry Canvas™️ we craft a razor-sharp US market strategy, tweak your pitch for maximum impact, and pinpoint your dream US clients. The recipe to turn plans into high-fives and closed deals!




Armed with a robust entry strategy and target list, our sales squad is on a mission. We're hitting the ground running, chasing deals like batters in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded.




In the sales ballgame, it's like a double play: one, where deals slide into home base, and the other, where a few curveballs might lead to a learning inning. Hit the targets? Cue the victory anthem! Missed a beat? No worries, it's a chance to step up to the plate again, adjusting the swing for the next game-winning hit!


Your launchpad for nationwide success

Metro Atlanta

Atlanta is not just a city — it’s your gateway to the US market!


With a robust economy, diverse industries, and a rich talent pool, this city offers a fertile ground for growth. It's also home to the world's busiest airport - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport links the metro area to destinations far and wide, extending its reach beyond local borders.


Get ready to transform your business dreams into tangible reality!




Square KM


Median Age



Your boots on the ground

It's not just about sealing the deal; it's about crafting a narrative of success that resonates beyond the transaction, and our team excels at every step of this strategic dance.


A killer sales team is a mix of audacious deal hunters and seasoned relationship builders. Our hunters are your network orchestrators, securing you a seat at the table, and closing deals with precision. On the flip side, our Farmers are the storytellers and big-picture thinkers, technical sales profiles weaving narratives and strategies for lasting success. Together, they cover all bases from securing initial opportunities to nurturing long-term relationships.


Join Belgium's finest!

Numerous Belgian companies have paved their way across the pond ahead of you. If you're eyeing a splash in the next 12-24 months, don’t wait any longer — seize the moment and dive in now!

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